Regular meetings of the Sheffield Equality Group are held on the second Thursday of the month at Quaker Meeting House. Sheffield Equality Group meetings aim to be an open and inclusive space for discussion and action to address issues of income inequality.
Thursday 13th January, 7pm at Quaker Meeting House
How do we talk about income inequality? Presenting evidence from the Spirit Level. Plus: reflecting on the Boots demo; planning for the March 11th public meeting on tax and inequality. Any other items then please get in touch or raise on the night.
Thursday 10th February, 7pm at Quaker Meeting House
Planning for the March 11th public meeting on tax and inequality. Plus: equality in Sweden – some short films and discussion.
Friday 11th March, 7pm at the Cathedral
Public meeting on tax and economic inequality, with speakers including John Christensen of the Tax Justice Network.


Campaign against cuts in Disability Living Allowance, including petition to the Government minister responsible
Tax Dodger Ad campaign, lobbying George Osbourne to cut tax avoidance
Socio-economic duty scrapped
The Government has, as expected, dropped the duty on public bodies to reduce the impact of differences in income. The Equality Trust asks that you contact MPs and protest about the move.

Any Other Business

“There is a clear social gradient, with people with lower incomes much more likely to experience poor health than those that are more affluent. We need to reduce inequalities and improve health outcomes for some of the most vulnerable groups in our society – a real challenge in the current economic climate.” Vasant Hirani, co-author of the Health Survey for England

Article on the Prince, the Pauper, and the Education Maintenance Allowance
Daily Mail article on the moving of businesses offshore to avoid tax