(or, how taxes could make us all better off and stop the cuts)

You can listen to a recording of the meeting by going to soundcloud
A public meeting hosted by the Sheffield Equality Group to consider if cuts made by the Coalition government could be avoided by raising taxes and closing loopholes. With speakers from the Tax Justice Network and Robin Hood Tax campaign. There will be tea and biscuits from 7pm. All are welcome, admission free but donations appreciated.
On the first night of the Liberal Democrat Spring Conference, being held in Sheffield, a public meeting hosted by Sheffield Equality Group will consider whether cuts made by the Coalition government could have been avoided. John Christensen from the New Economics Foundation and Director of the Tax Justice Network will be joined by Karen Reay, national Unite Officer for Health and speaker for the Robin Hood Tax campaign . There will be short talks about how changes to taxes could raise money to clear the deficit and reduce the gap between the wealthy and everyone else. This will be followed by a “Question Time” debate with the audience, to about 9pm.
The Coalition Government have used cuts in public spending to balance the budget, but many criticise the reduction in spending that will harm public services, including to the most vulnerable, whilst placing little burden on the wealthy. Financial gambling by banks have made them the most profitable business on the planet, yet this profit is at some social cost. A Robin Hood Tax would place a small tax on money markets to divert some of this profit to balancing out the social divide. It has the support of French President Nicholas Sarkozy and a high profile public campaign.
The avoidance of tax by the wealthy and big business has been highlighted by the recent UK Uncut protests, but a frequent question is what can effectively be done to close these loopholes. The Tax Justice Network has campaigned on reducing the use of tax havens, as they harm public finances, especially in the developing world. Discussion will include the benefits of taxation for avoiding cuts and reducing the gap between the best and worst off in society.
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