Sheffield Equality Group
7pm, Thursday 14th April, at Quaker Meeting House

Including a discussion of what is “a fair start” in life, and philosopher John Rawls theory that income should be distributed, but not so much that the incentive is removed to work. Meetings aim to be an open space where people can discuss and plan actions around income equality.

Sheffield Universal Education Collective
Promoting a free radical education in the city, the collective have planned a series of talks including:
March 22nd – “Why we oppose all cuts in public services and benefits” with Jonathon Perraton and Danny Dorling
April 6th – “What caused the credit crunch and the current recession?” with Jamie Gough and Hugh Radice
5pm-7pm, upstairs room @ Red Deer, off Mappin Street


What matters for well-being?
Greater economic equality would improve well-being across a range of health and social factors:

Campaigns for banking reform



The Marmot Review one year on
“It’s not more research we need, or “more work” – it’s political will and a real commitment to a more equal society.”
And his latest report on child poverty shows the importance of investing in early years:

Pay ratios between top and bottom
Charities 10:1, Councils 15:1, FTSE 100: 232:1

Income inequality
rose in the North before the cuts

and is likely to further increase after public service cuts

Tax dodging special…

Boris Johnson’s diary schedules in bankers for more meetings than any other group

Just fifteen top UK companies control 568 tax dodging subsidaries