Sheffield Equality Group

April News and Notes

Next meeting is 7pm, April 14th, at Quaker Meeting House. With a discussion of John Rawls, UK Uncut, future events and more. See below for details.


The first Equality Trust research bulletin.
This regular series produced by the national Equality Trust will update the research presented in The Spirit Level, the first research bulletin underlines the link between crime and social inequality:

A child’s eye view of poverty
“Kids will pick on you at school – it’s unbelievable – if you don’t have the same lunch bag as them, or you haven’t got a new jacket, or a new bag, they’ll pick on you and say ‘That looks like c***! And your hair looks like – you look poor. Just something, they’ll pick on you for the littlest thing.”
Report by the Children’s Commissioner on the experience of children in poverty, and their views on the gap between rich and poor
Get more on the report here

Anti-Greed Art
(and don’t forget the Equality Trust photo competition! )

“The idea of economics as a science, not a branch of moral and political philosophy, is ideological. It is a position that is designed to obscure questions of justice, humanity and history.” Economist Nitasha Kaul on Economics, Neoliberalism and Economic Justice
Read the full article on Open Democracy

Sheffield Equality Group Meetings

Thursday 14th April, 7pm at Quaker Meeting House
Including a discussion on UK Uncut actions in Sheffield, future events, and what is “a fair start” in life.

Philosopher John Rawls asks us to imagine a world where wealth could be shared out according to a principle of justice. Suppose five children have to divide a cake among themselves. One child cuts the cake for the others, but that child does not know who will get which slice. The child is then likely to divide the cake into equal shares. Rawls contends that if the slate were wiped clean, people would start by wanting to distribute wealth and income equally, like the children with the cake, but this is soon modified. People realize that we respond to incentives. So there might be a reward of a bigger slice for the child who helped most with making the cake. Then question then becomes – what the difference between those who have the most, and the least, should be.

See a longer introduction to the philosophy of John Rawls here.

Meetings aim to be an open space where people can discuss and plan actions around income equality.

Other meetings and gatherings

Sheffield Universal Education Collective
Promoting a free radical education in the city, the collective have planned a series of talks including:
April 6th – “What caused the credit crunch and the current recession?” with Jamie Gough and Hugh Radice
April 13th – “Plebs League: The lost legacy of independent working class education” with Colin Waugh
5pm-7pm, upstairs room @ Red Deer, off Mappin Street

Sheffield Humanist Society
Friday 8th April, 7:30 pm on at Lecture Theatre 6, The Arts Tower, The University of Sheffield.
Meeting on the “The Case for Secularism” with Terry Sanderson, President of the National Secular Society. Is secularism a force for good? Do human rights, equality under the law, freedom of religion and freedom of expression all need a firm secular base? Or is secularism simply an attempt to undermine traditional values and an attack on our morals? Terry Sanderson will explain how a secularism is the foundation of a good society and in the interests of everyone, whatever their beliefs.

Sheffield Uncut Big Society Tea Party and Sit-in
Saturday April 9th
A rather spiffing tea party on Fargate. Protest about regional and national cuts whilst certain big companies e.g. Vodafone, whose store is located on Fargate, continue to dodge their taxes!
See the event details on facebook and UK Uncut

Books for a Better Future – The Craftsman by Richard SennettWednesday 13th April
A book group based in Sheffield Central Library, reading books that might inspire us to build a better future.