The Equality Group has shifted meeting times for a bit of variety. Meetings are now on the first Wednesday in every month, at Quaker Meeting House, just up from the Cathedral. Next meeting is 7pm to 9pm on Wednesday 2nd November – agenda to include the Occupy movement, anti-greed campaigning, and general chat about income equality. All welcome. Meeting after that on 7th December.


It’s not when you know… American senator warns against banking law relaxation in 1999

After the Islington Fairness Commission, Islington becomes first council to implement 10:1 pay ratio
(Islington Commission proposals)

New Scientist reports that Barclays PLC is the most powerful company in the world

Just Do It

Tell Cameron to back a Robin Hood Tax at the G20

Occupy London spreads to Finsbury Square, Occupy Sheffield has a planning meeting on Wednesday 26th – all welcome


“in Labour’s final term the number of working-class students in higher education began to increase at a faster rate than those from middle-class backgrounds. The increase followed sustained investment in schools and pupils, in particular those who qualified for free school meals and so for the education maintenance allowance.” (Guardian article)

(based on analysis in Danny Dorling’s new book “Fair Play”)

“The fundamental call for a fairer distribution of wealth cannot be ignored … the return of gloomy economic prospects has reinforced the impression that the political class is irrelevant or, worse, in hock to vested financial interests to the detriment of its service to the public” (Financial Times editorial)