Meeting at Sheffield Occupy, 7:30pm on Thursday November 17th

Jason from the Sheffield Equality Group will tell a story of the gap between rich and poor, and it’s impact on our society. Over time and between countries, study after study has shown that the greater the wealth gap, the more problems society has, from crime, to health, to trust, to education. The story will cover how societies have become more equal in the past, and explore whether those lessons could apply to the UK.

The only way money can make us happy, once our basic needs are met, is to share it. The story will end with an open discussion on how we can progress to a point where well-being and happiness of people is valued as a measure of progress above money.

Occupy Sheffield is currently in front of Sheffield Cathedral, meetings are in or by the main marquee.

More on Occupy

The Occupy movement received support at the members meeting, and agreement that the group should help establish the Sheffield Occupation. For more see the Occupy Sheffield website.

Some resources have been drafted…
Double sided A5 flyer
Word doc of flyer/poster