Please lobby your MP on income equality, asking them to curb executive pay and introduce fairer taxation. Below is an example letter, although please do customise it for your MP with anything relevant you have experience of, or are aware of.

MP Contact Details

Brightside and Hillsborough (inc. Burngreave, Firth Park, Shiregreen and Southey)
Mr David Blunkett

Central (inc. Broomhill, Nether Edge, Manor Castle, Walkley)
Mr Paul Blomfield

Hallam (inc. Crookes, Dore, Ecclesall, Fulwood, Stannington, Totley)
Mr Nick Clegg

Heeley (inc. Arbourthorne, Beauchief, Gleadless Valley, Greenhill, Graves Park, Richmond)
Ms Meg Munn

Sheffield South East (inc. Beighton, Birley, Darnall, Mosborough, and Woodhouse)
Mr Clive Betts

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Example letter

Dear [your MP’s name here],

I am writing regarding the appalling lack of Government action on bringing about a more equitable society in the UK. Whilst statements from Ministers constantly refer to fairness, this is not reflected in new policy. We are undergoing very severe and damaging spending cuts so measures to ensure wealthier people and companies contribute to dealing with our financial crisis are both fair and overdue.

It is currently difficult to identify measures capable of real impact that have a good chance of being adopted in the current political environment. Two specific ones I would ask you to support at present are:-

Curbs on Executive Pay
David Cameron’s statements indicating shareholders will be given a binding say over executive pay is welcomed. However, it has been widely noted that: this has not stopped excessive pay in other countries; the majority shareholders are themselves often highly renumerated; companies are likely to find loopholes to keep up renumeration in other ways. For proper oversight employees should be given more power in deciding executive pay levels in their companies, with non-managerial staff sitting on the panels responsible for this. Whilst there has been concerns this might be “tokenism”, the system works well in other countries where it is not approached in a tokenistic way, and benefits companies through making staff at all levels contribute to the direction of the company. It must be made very clear that pay levels for top executives have become grossly out of balance with those of ordinary people, and that this harms the cohesion of our society.

“Robin Hood” Tax
Please support a “Robin Hood” tax on all investment transactions. David Cameron has decided to stay out of the EU “fiscal compact”. His refusal to accept a financial transaction tax is clearly one reason why the deal “was not in Britain’s interests”. It is worth stepping back and considering why the City of London has become such a large financial centre. The UK Government made policy decisions over a number of years, designed to encourage banks to set up here as opposed to other countries. These decisions included bringing about a lax tax regime and led to excessive profits in what had become one of the most profitable business sectors anyway. If we are to re-balance the economy, I believe it is reasonable to risk losing a few companies within our large financial sector. After all, manufacturing still contributes far more to our economy and twice as much in taxes as the financial sector. However, this risk is reduced anyway because of the imminent new EU transaction tax. We should lead other countries by introducing a Robin Hood tax here and then urge the other EU countries to likewise use their tax for projects to improve sustainability. Other countries should then follow, as most nations see the benefits of the idea, they only hold back for fear of disadvantaging themselves relative to others.

Please continue to press the government on equality issues. Try to impress upon them the real anger that is being generated in this city by their failure to address this issues. Please support the specific points above and adequate funding for our vital public services.

Yours sincerely