Next meeting
The next meeting of the Equality Group is on Wednesday (7th March) with discussion on the group’s submission to the Fairness Commission, and the potential for a wider conversation around fairness in the city. Also on the agenda is a consultation on how the national Equality Trust can better support local groups. The meeting is at 7pm in the Quaker Meeting House, all welcome.

p.s. Please note that if you are part of a group considering to submit to the fairness commission – the deadline is 4th April, with any evidence on health inequalities requested by the 21st March. For more see

Social mobility and income inequality

“In the 1980s, income differences widened dramatically in the UK. Economists from the London School of Economics compared the social mobility of Britons who were born in 1958 to those born in 1970. They found that people who were born in 1970 had a smaller chance of moving into a higher income stratum than those who were born and grew up during times of greater income equality. Widening income differences meant that those born rich were more likely to stay rich, and those born poor to stay poor” – From the latest research digest, concentrating on social mobility, from the Equality Trust

Protest against Workfare
1pm Saturday 3rd March meeting on Devonshire Green

Sanctions removed for workfare, but unpaid “work experience” remains

Steve Bell questions the positive impact of the “f*** off and die scheme”

News and Links

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