Sheffield Fairness Commission – hearing on Poverty, Welfare and Benefits
Wednesday 9th May at Sorby House, Spital Hill, Burngreave
Pre-meeting open discussion from 5pm, with Richard Wilkinson, co-author of The Spirit Level, hosted by Sheffield Equality Group. Public session of the Fairness Commission from 6:15pm to 8pm, hearing evidence on the impact of income inequality and ideas to change it. Click for more information, including posters and flyers to publicise the event. All welcome.

Workshop: “An Economy for the 99%”
Sat 19 May 2012, 9.30am-12, Quaker Meeting House, St James Street S1 2EW
To make the links between climate jobs and an economy for the 99%. All welcome.

Sheffield Equality Group
7pm Wednesday 6th June, Sheffield Quaker Meeting House, St James Street
Monthly meeting of the Equality group, discussing income inequality and local actions. All welcome.

For more meetings of interest, don’t forget to check out the excellent

Actions points from the last meeting:

  • Idea of a “Fairness/Equality/One Sheffield/Jolly Levellers Fortnight”, similar to “Fairtrade Fortnight” – around reducing inequalities in the City. We just want a better/sexy title so any ideas, please send them in!
  • Pictoral/Infographic representation of the final Equality report would allow for easier monitoring of progress and identification of gaps
  • Need to ask questions of the Fairness Commission regarding several issues

Links from meeting discussion

The reality of life on a low wage and unemployment

Paul Kingsnorth, Real England: The Battle Against the Bland

At current rates we will hit Victorian levels of inequality by 2035, so prepare by reading the new paperback of “London Labour and London Poor” by Henry Mayhew

And finally…

If “Se7en” was your kind of fillum, or you like your Scandinavian drama, then BBC4’s latest import might be up your street. It asks, albeit in a fairly gruesome way – if there is uproar to a person murdering innocent people, why the silence over the countless victims of income inequality…