Save Sheffield Early Years
Saturday 19th January, 11am start from Devonshire Green

The Community Childcare Forum have called a march and demonstration for Saturday the 19th of January. Assemble at Devonshire Green at 11.00 to march to the Town Hall. The Council want to cut £3.6 million from the vital early intervention and prevention services, ones that can make a real difference in promoting social mobility and equality.
Sheffield Equality Group
Wednesday 6th February, 7pm at Sheffield Quaker Meeting House
This month an informal presentation and discussion about Universalism: will the removal of universal benefits damage how people perceive social support, and make further cuts to social support more likely? Also on the agenda: Living Wage and the Fairness Commission.  The group is an autonomous group affiliated to the national Equality Trust and meets on the first Wednesday of every month. All welcome.

Living Wage
Sheffield Council implements the Living Wage, set at £7.45 from 1st April 2013, but GMB urges “the council to make sure that the measure also includes workers in outsourced parts of the council where it is not currently set to apply”
The Government could gain £2bn from the widespread implementation of a Living Wage
And indications are that Government departments could be moving towards it, as 47% of people indicate they would be willing to pay more for products from companies where they paid the Living Wage
The essential aim, of course, is pre-distribution – a fairer sharing of wealth before taxes and benefits
Lone parents and poverty
“Now the weather is turning a bit colder, I will turn the thermostat down and sit with a jumper or a coat on… Because I can do that but I would not expect my kids to do that, sit in the cold with a jumper and coat on” – excellent research on the experiences of lone parents in poverty by the Poverty Alliance

Welfare Reform and Universalism
Analysis generally points to welfare reform being regressive (increasing inequality):
The end of Universalism may make benefits more for “them” rather than “us”, further decreasing the sympathy the general population have for those in receipt of social support and potentially increasing the possibility of regressive reform, see the discussion hosted by the Nuffield Trust for more:
As it is, from April 2013 at least 6000 homes in Sheffield will be classified as underoccupied. Children under 16 have to share rooms and the rules ignore foster children or the needs of disabled children. If you are underoccupied you will face cuts of up to 25% in Housing Benefit… to see if you will be affected have a look at the below: (infographic outline of how welfare reform will impact on people)