The Living Wage could alliviate poverty for hudreds of thousands and save the treasury £3.6 billion, which means there would be money to spare supporting those businesses and industries that would genuinely struggle to pay it… (Resolution Foundation / IPPR report)
Or, you could just redefine poverty to match public perceptions of it
Rather than actually understand the reality of poverty

The Spirit Level Revisited

“This is a highly complex area both theoretically and methodologically and there is still some disagreement among academics on many related issues, but the main conclusion here is that there is some evidence that income inequality has negative effects. There is hardly any evidence that it has positive effects.” – an independent review of the conclusions of the The Spirit Level makes some excellent points…

Equality At the Movies

Why Poverty – a series of films on poverty that are all free to watch and include the excellent Park Avenue. As part of the project the Joseph Rowntree Foundation funded three films on the reality of poverty in the UK
Inequality for all (albeit for Americans) is coming to cinemas near you (soonish!) with economist Robert Reich… More details here with an interview with director and star.

Coming up…

Sheffield Equality Group Wednesday 6th February, 7pm at Sheffield Quaker Meeting House
This month an informal presentation and discussion about Universalism: will the removal of universal benefits damage how people perceive social support, and make further cuts to social support more likely? Also on the agenda: Living Wage and the Fairness Commission. The group is an autonomous group affiliated to the national Equality Trust and meets on the first Wednesday of every month. All welcome
Wednesday 27th February, 7pm at Sheffield Quaker Meeting House
Positive Money is a UK-wide organisation campaigning for monetary reform and an end to debt slavery. This month a workshop on the Positive Money Draft Bill, the new Positive Money book and preparing for the visit of Ben Dyson, Director of Positive Money.
Saturday 2nd March. 9.30am – 3.00pm at Quaker Meeting House – St. James Street (just along from the Cathedral) People suffer and struggle and don’t realise that it is not because of their own fecklessness and inadequacy but because of the way that our society is organised and financed. Only if we work together can we change things. Free – just turn up. Speakers on Wealth and Poverty in Sheffield (Sheffield Equality Group), Banking System and debt (Positive Money) and Personal debt (Fir Vale Food bank). Bring a picnic lunch. Speakers followed by small group discussion and a Peoples Forum.