Do high taxes mean that millionaires flee? “Neither tax increases nor tax cuts on the rich have affected their migration rates.” but “You can always find an anecdote.”
Study finds patient mortality is not affected by inequality in the short term, but readmission is, suggesting that “readmission is more sensitive to social conditions than is mortality.”
Concerns that the UK is moving to a “lower wage, lower productivity model”, as employment increases but wages and productivity fall
22% of children in the Sheffield region are in poverty – Interactive map and source data compiled by End Child Poverty

Bank Of Dave…

“I’m not ‘avin’ it,” Dave explains. “I’m not ‘avin’ it. We’re right. They’re wrong. Bollocks to ’em.” The people’s banker gives his opinion on attempts to close a not-for-profit savings and loans bank in Burnley

Coming up…

Sheffield Equality Group Wednesday 6th March, 7pm at Sheffield Quaker Meeting House
Discussion on the Fairness Commission with Matthew Borland, a lead Council Officer supporting the Commission. There will be a discussion on the recommendations of the Fairness Commission and how those recommendations could get turned into a reality. The group is an autonomous group affiliated to the national Equality Trust and meets on the first Wednesday of every month. All welcome.
The Fight Against Austerity
Saturday 16th March, 11am to 5pm. Novotel Hotel, 50 Arundel Gate
A day of speakers and workshops on opposing austerity. Speakers include Mark Serwotka, PCS general secretary; Alan Gibbons, library campaigner; Kevin Courtney, NUT deputy general secretary. Workshops include those on changing education, benefit cuts, NHS reform, protest and the law.
Unsupported – A public meeting about the cuts to social care and support
Thursday 11th April, 6:30pm tea and biscuits, speakers from 7pm, Quaker Meeting House

Visualising Inequality

“working on this project in tandem with The Equality Trust allowed me to explore the issue through my photography. The images I created are ‘social landscapes,’ photographs which simultaneously try to show the effects of our actions while questioning why inequality exists.”