Amazing infographic video comparing sixty seconds of salary by CNN
A short history of inequality…
inequalitySince1977If inequality had kept to 1977 levels, all but society’s richest fifth would be better off… it’s so much better in France, where the top 1% have gained far less (and lowest 10% lost far less)… and just, well, different in Japan – “Japan is an exemplar of a particular type of income distribution, it is a country with considerable poverty but in which higher incomes have been checked to an unusual degree.”
Tax avoidance corner
Tax avoidance has a hidden cost in putting local independents out of business, never mind the lost services. However, “Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers have provided the government with expert accountants to draw up tax laws. But the firms went on to advise multinationals and individuals on how to exploit loopholes around legislation they had helped to write” – Commons Public Account Committee criticises the revolving door at the HMRC. Though the door shows little sign of slowing, with Google in on the act. Meanwhile the UKs biggest taxpayer says people and companies should pay-up, more-or-less… giving taxes is “a mug’s philanthropy” and “each company should bring down it’s tax bill to what it considers appropriate and fair”.
Coming up…
Sheffield Equality Group monthly meeting
The politics of resentment and the inequality spiral – can we win the argument for a strong welfare system? Wednesday 1st May, 7pm at Sheffield Quaker Meeting House
An informal talk and discussion will cover recent research on attitudes to social support and benefits. Also on the agenda, actions arising from the meeting on social support. The group is an autonomous group affiliated to the national Equality Trust and meets on the first Wednesday of every month. All welcome
May Day weekend workfare protest
Saturday 4 May, 1pm outside “Poundland” on The Moor
On Saturday May 4th, join Unite Community members as they put pressure on Poundland to pull out of the government’s workfare schemes.
“Talking Politics”
Thursday 18th April to 11 July, 10am, St. Matthews Rooms, Carver St. S1 4FT.
A discussion-based course looking at current political developments and issues in the UK and world-wide. Topics are usually suggested by the class.

And finally
Good blog on the international perspective of inequality, and if you scroll down you get a song, catchy no?