Do you aspire to tread the boards? Do you dream of performing on stage in front of thousands? Get started by taking a role in the most fabulous “The Bedroom Farce”, a street theatre take on the iniquitous bedroom tax. Dress rehersals are underway in perparation for the opening performance (15th June at the Occupy Sheffield Public Forum, see below). If you fancy helping, acting, making-tea, then please contact Jean: Email:


An average of forty-five people apply for every low paid job
…whilst those who have one are overworked and worried about losing it
…but there are a couple of jobs going with the Equality Trust if you fancy it…

Coming up…

 Sheffield Equality Group monthly meeting
Campaigning with values – being the change we want to see
Wednesday 5th June, 7pm at Sheffield Quaker Meeting House, St James St, S1 2EW
An informal talk and discussion about making sure the values we’d like to see more of, like equality and reason, are part of how we campaign. Also on the agenda: potential campaign on inequality/benefits; work with Campaign for Fair Society. The group is an autonomous group affiliated to the national Equality Trust and meets on the first Wednesday of every month. Free entry, donations for biscuits, all welcome.
Also: At our Wednesday July 3rd meeting we will be in conversation with Dr Simon Duffy, speaker at our meeting on cuts to social support, about finding principles for a welfare system that can be publically argued for as balanced and reasonable. See more on all that here:
Sheffield No to Bedroom Tax Benefit Justice Campaign
Axe the Bedroom Tax
Saturday 1st June, 12pm at Sheffield Town Hall
We encourage everyone who is angry at the planned poverty being inflicted on our communities to come and make a stand.
Occupy Sheffield
Public Forum and mini-Occupy
Saturday 15th June, 10:30am to 2pm at Sheffield Quaker Meeting House.
11am – performance of “The Bedroom Farce”, a street theatre take on the iniquitous bedroom tax;
11:20am – Occupy General Assembly with feedback from the Debt Forum, People’s Assemblies, and action against the Bedroom Tax;
12:30pm – Bring your own picnic and get free tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits!
1:30pm – Fargate street theatre and mini-Occupy demonstration.
Everyone welcome.
Positive Money
Showing of the film 97% owned, followed by Q&A
Wendesday 19th June, 7:15pm at Sheffield Quaker Meeting House
97% Owned reveals how money is at the root of our current social and economic crisis. Featuring frank interviews and commentary from economists, campaigners and former bankers, it exposes the privatised, debt-based monetary system that gives banks the power to create money, shape the economy, cause crises and push house prices out of reach. Fact-based and clearly explained, in just 60 minutes it shows how the power to create money is the piece of the puzzle that economists were missing when they failed to predict the crisis. Followed by Q&A and discussion, free entry but donations to cover costs welcome.
Want more? Go to:

Inequality on the up

 “Falling life expectancy is being recorded again today. First highlighted in Glasgow, it could soon be more widespread as mortality counts during 2012 and 2013 have been rising. The last time actual rises in mortality were reported was during the depression of the 1930s.” – Danny Dorling charts the fall and rise of mortality and income inequality
“The first few years of the crisis were the easier ones, because the welfare  system cushioned the effects. But now these welfare systems are under challenge.  As the crisis lingers on there’s no sustainable growth and it’s very important  to design reforms that do not put pressure on poorer people.” – The OECD points out that in troubled times the welfare state has a critical role in balancing inequality
“There’s a lot of people that hang their head round here, there’s a lot of people that are ashamed of themselves and stuff like that, and that does, that plays a big part of your life. You wake up everyday and you’re upset, you don’t wanna live for long” – BBC doc on inequalities in London  and associated OU page on the (mis)representation of poverty