“those with vouchers include: a man released from prison the previous Friday, having been on remand for shoplifting offences (accused of stealing food from a supermarket, he was found not guilty); another man collecting food for his ex-wife and their two grown sons, plunged into crisis after her tax credits were stopped without warning when the youngest boy finished his college course…” – the Guardian visits food banks, including in Rotherham
…you could fund Britain isn’t eating – the Church Action on Poverty subvertising campaign needs you!
Thinking about welfare
“… older generations more concerned about immigration, Baby Boomers feeling let down by the system having contributed to it over time, and younger generations concerned about work incentives and means testing. These different specific concerns are each rooted in the same concern for reciprocity in the welfare system…” – Demos argues for reciprocity of welfare founded on contributions…
…meanwhile, attitudes to welfare soften, as redistribution gains more support…
On the telly
What happened to the highest paid US CEOs in the past thirty years? 40% were bailed out, booted or busted
Tony Hawks says don’t try and tax the rich, just make them give it away
How Supermarkets rely on in-work benefits, an argument for the Living Wage