In its latest push for fair pay on campus, the University of Sheffield Living Wage Campaign has excellently satirised the University of Sheffield’s “Go Higher” advertisements. While the university is promoting itself as a leading institution of education, stating its students can have high aspirations and attracting the £9 grand fee payers, around 300 staff at the university are still paid under the living wage.
Two nations
“Austerity is hitting deprived communities hardest. The way this is deepening North-South differences is also evident. Unless we can somehow muster the national will to correct or mitigate these unacceptable divergences in how cuts affect deprived and affluent authorities, we will continue to reinforce fatal divisions in our society” – a new Joseph Rowntree Foundation report details the impact of cuts to local government
“A recent study in behavioural economics demonstrates a ‘taste for authority’ can cause managers to choose inefficient systems because of a desire to retain the ability to tell others what to do. In general, those who benefit psychologically from inequality shouldn’t be in charge of determining whether it persists.” – good article on how envy and greed divides far more than it unites
“Any economy which  gives its citizens lots of aspiration cannot truly be a  bad economy, but this aspiration gap – the difference between actual income and  our desire for things like nicer homes and consumers goods – eats away at levels  of life satisfaction.”- a study finds that once you have enough to live on, money doesn’t make you happy anyway
The Hunger Games Are Real