Real Wages

Real Wages are falling, a combination of rising prices, falling productivity and hours, increased national insurance payments, and more workers in low paid service industries…
With low pay comes low conditions, the Fast Food Rights for Workers protest meets 12 midday Saturday 15th February at the top of Fargate for a picket of fast-food employers that use Workfare and Zero-Hours contracts
There is another way… “The company decided – all the way from the board to the senior management –  that we wanted to do career responsibility as well as we can, beyond what the  legal minimum is,” – well if you live in Finland there is

Moving to a parallel universe

“we actually rank lower in generosity than countries like Romania, Albania and even the US” – the shock news that benefits in the UK aren’t actually all that great
 Everything’s generous if you are at ATOS, with an exclusive contract and “delivering services to the citizen in a way that continues to satisfy the way  the citizen wants to be served”, though the occasional citizen or MP might disagree, wondering if you are living in a parrallel universe (see the full show at
If that all gets you wondering about changing this universe, there are demonstrations against ATOS across the country on Wednesday 19th February 2014 – including in Sheffield