So that’s everyone for equality then?

Perhaps not the richest five families in the UK, owning as much as 13 million other UK citizens (Guardian)


Sheffield Equality Group monthly meeting
Wednesday 2nd April, 7pm at Sheffield Quaker Meeting House, St James St, S1 2EW
Informal discussion of economist and expert on wealth inequality Thomas Picketty and his seminal new work “Capital in the 21st Century”. Followed by usual discussion of future actions. Free, donations for biscuits.
We’ll be hearing a couple of extracts from his lectures. For more on Thomas Picketty see the excellent New Yorker article
The Bank of England and Positive Money
Monday 31st March, 7.30pm, Quaker Meeting House, 10 St James St. S1 2EW
Professor John Singleton will explain the origins of the Bank of England and outline its various functions in the economy. He will also discuss how its role would change under the Positive Money proposals for reforming the monetary system. Talk followed by a stimulating discussion.
State of Sheffield Workshop

Friday 11th April, 10:30am-1pm, Reception Rooms, Town Hall, Pinstone Street

This workshop will outline the findings of the State of Sheffield 2014 report, which indicates that although Sheffield remains resilient in response to the impact of austerity and the recession, it also faces major challenges in 2014 and the coming years.

Interested in negative interest?

Don’t fancy raising taxes to fund a Universal Basic Income? Try this tasty mix of Positive Money proposals with negative interest rates, all after a very watchable explanation of why our money system is crazy…