A meeting about the impact of welfare reform and cuts

Tuesday 6th May, 7pm at Sheffield Quaker Meeting House, St James St, S1 2EW
Dr Simon Duffy (Centre for Welfare Reform) will present evidence on the cumulative impact of cuts, showing how those in poverty or relying on social care are being hardest hit. Dr Duffy says “The Government said the cuts would be made fairly – but the truth is this they have targeted the cuts on the poor and disabled people but hidden the cuts within so-called welfare reforms and cuts to local government. This direct attack on the principles of social justice is far worse than anything carried out by any earlier Government, including Mrs Thatcher’s. There has been a shameful cover-up of the true facts and it is time to get informed.”
Frances Potter (Sheffield Citizens Advice Bureau) will talk about the impact of welfare reform and cuts on people in Sheffield. Frances says “Welfare reform has created some major struggles for Sheffield families over the last year. Many have been hit by several cuts at once, the administration of key benefits has been fraught with errors and delays creating severe hardship for some. Overall support systems have become harder to understand – not simplified”.
Speakers will then be joined on a “Question Time” panel by:
Cllr Mahzer Iqbal (Sheffield Labour Party)
Sarah Jane Smalley (Sheffield Green Party)
Listen Up! (Sheffield Diocese project giving voice to those affected by welfare reform)
Questions and comments from the audience will be welcome. Refreshments and information from 6:30pm.
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