A survey conducted by the Equality Group has found that 4 out of 5 Sheffield people support the introduction of a Basic Income for all UK citizens. A Basic Income would largely replace the current system of benefits and would go to everyone, whether in work or not. It would mean that everyone would receive a guaranteed weekly income on top of any income from work. However, some were concerned about who could claim, and others thought working or volunteering should be a condition of receiving the income.

The research shows people don’t like the current system of welfare and benefits, just 15% thought it works well for the country and only a third thought it works well for those who need support. That contrasted with the clear majority who supported the idea of a Basic Income, especially to support younger people through training or education. 85% of people thought it would help businesses find temporary and flexible workers.
We’re launching the report at our public meeting about welfare reform and cuts next Tuesday, you can read more about the idea of a Basic Income and see the full report on our Basic Income page.

How to reduce inequality

The undercover economist reckons you can reduce inequality with a combination of effective regulation, taxes, and getting the basics right… (Joseph Rowntree Foundation)
The OECD reckons you should tax the rich… (Wall Street Journal
SPERI finds that the opposite has been done in the UK and future generations “may well look back on these years after the crisis as a great opportunity lost, one in which our economic future was moulded into a form that locked out progressive potentials and entrenched inequality” (SPERI PDF)