We are having a follow-up meeting on what we can do about welfare reform and cuts to social support in Sheffield, 7pm-9pm, Wednesday 21st May, at Sheffield Quaker Meeting House. This might be a small meet but unless no-one wants to do anything (which seems unlikely) there will be more. The meeting will look at how we can help the situation through organising actions, events, etc. We could look at:

  •  Challenging prejudice and changing opinion – can we persuasively tell the stories of people who are struggling with the benefits system or not getting safe social care;
  • Sharing advice and support – can we empower communities to support each other, within or across Sheffield, with information and resources;
  • Opposing the reforms directly – are there actions we could take that would lay bare the inhumanity of welfare reform and cuts;
 We can do things as Sheffield Equality Group, or help set up a group working on a particular idea, or just think about what we can do as individuals. All ideas welcome!
The Citizens Advice Bureau have launched a “Fit for work” action to lobby for a change in the rules so that people don’t get caught in administrative traps leaving them peniless. Please sign the petition to support (Change.Org).
The subject line of the post comes from an excellent poem from Tulia Thompson, echoing many of the sentiments expressed at the meeting on the impact of welfare reform and cuts.