“If you succeed financially, the natural impulse is to regard yourself as more important than others and to regard your success as deserved rather than as a matter of luck. This lack of empathy isn’t just a problem because it makes people say stupid things. It’s a problem because, by and large, people who make important decisions are rich and they make decisions on behalf of those who are not.” – blog post at the Equality Trust
Sanctioning stigma
How to get across the inhumanity of welfare reform and inequality?
Or carry out a bit of Brandalism
Do Something!
Learn how we can talk about benefits justice and greater equality, in the media and face-to-face. Using evidence and stories, the aim is to make communicate the personal and social impact of the current situation to a wide range of people. A workshop with Sheffield Equality Group, all welcome.
7pm-9pm, Wednesday 4th June, Quaker Meeting House
Learn about globalisation and who it is good for. A whistle stop tour of how 20% of the world’s population controls most of the world’s resources. Hosted by Positive Money. 7:30pm, Monday 30th June at Quaker Meeting House…
Put your feet up and watch stuff!
George Monbiot talks about the pricing of everything