How fair is Sheffield? That’s the question being asked on behalf of the Sheffield Fairness Comission. If you live, work or study in Sheffield please complete the following survey to provide us with your opinion of fairness in Sheffield. The results of the survey will provide valuable insights into people’s current views of fairness in the city. The survey should take no longer than three to four minutes to complete. Please click on the link below to begin:

Fair, Fairer, Bookfair!
Sheffield Equality Group – Monthly meeting
Wednesday 2nd July, 7pm – 9pm at Sheffield Quaker Meeting House

Discussing campaigns around welfare justice, the national income equality policy pledge, and the living wage. Free, donations for biscuits.

A Fairer Britain: How do we get there?
Tuesday 1 July 6.45pm–8.45pm at WEA Sheffield Learning Centre

Explore the impact of inequality in Britain which has never been so extreme since the 1930s. It doesn′t have to be like this – so what can we do to return those post-war years when wealth and income was more fairly distributed?

Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair
Saturday 12th July 10am-6pm at Showroom & Workstation

This 5th annual bookfair continues the anarchist tradition of reading, learning, organising and having fun. A programme of films and workshops will run from 11am.

Visions of a fair society

“If the wealth of the 1% was shared like it is in more equal countries, like the Netherlands or Denmark, then 99% of us would be better off by around £3000 a year”
Ace animation from the High Pay Centre


“Denmark’s long-term growth has trailed the pace of expansion in the United States and some other major economies. Among Danes, though, distaste for ostentatious wealth tends to outweigh dissatisfaction with taxes. ‘Elite is a dirty word here,’ Mellish said. ‘The whole idea of ambition is embarrassing in Denmark.'”
Article looks at equality in Denmark (ABC news)

Greeze 3: Yeah, distribute it

Greeze 1: Wouldn’t we be communists?
Greeze 3: Yeah, but there’d be no poverty.
Greeze 1: Yeah, no-one’s rich and no-one’s poor. We all live equal, if you know what I mean. And we all have jobs that benefit, rather than ourselves, other people.
Greeze 3: And we all have transformers; robots, definitely robots.

Pay Fair!
Tesco – the UK’s largest private sector employer – should be leading the way in investing in staff and in the wider community by paying Living Wages. You can help the lobby here (38 Degrees)