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You’d better watch out…
The New Economics Foundation sets out five ideas on how to solve inequality
“Yeah, that’s right, you better watch your arse Income Inequality, else you’ll get amelerioated” – John Oliver plays Americaball
What’s On…
Sheffield Equality Group – Stall Workshop
Wednesday 23rd July, 7pm-9pm, Quaker Meeting House
We’re going to make a stall. And discuss dressing up. But mainly play games. Come along with your ideas for (in)quality games or just take part in road-testing them! All welcome.
Equality in the Pub
Wednesday 13th August, 7pm onwards, Devonshire Cat, Wellington St
The usual chat about income inequality and social justice, but over a pint (or a cup of tea if you’d prefer!), with income adjusted rounds. Topics are likely to wander even more than usual. Hosted by Sheffield Equality Group.
People’s Assembly Saturday Information Point
Sat 19th Jul 2014, 11.30am-2.30pm, Moor Market main entrance, The Moor
Every month, South Yorkshire People’s Assembly has been running this information point, to campaign and raise awareness among people in the city centre. All anti-austerity organisations are welcome to join in.
Sheffield Basic Income Group
Sunday 27th July, 12pm – 4pm, the Old Queens Head, Pond Hill
First group meet up to have an informal discussion about Basic Income and what we can do to raise awareness in Sheffield and beyond.
Sheffield University backs a Living Wage (mostly)
“We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped the campaign so far. Whether you sent a letter, signed a petition, spoke at our events, took a sticker or a leaflet, let us speak at your events, let us interview you, supported striking staff, sent a post card or posed for a photo, THANK YOU!

But we still need to win the Living Wage for Union and Unicus staff, so please continue to support the campaign and get involved!”