7pm Wednesday 3rd September, Quaker Meeting House
Discussion and workshop with Sheffield Equality Group on the trend for ever higher executive pay. Free, donations for tea and coffee. All welcome.
Pay up! (and up, and up, and up…)
“Between 1998 and 2010, while general average earnings grew by 4%, average pay for chief executives rose by 13% each year, despite no overall increase in the FTSE 100 share index over that time. In the ‘shareholder spring’ of 2012, investors mounted several high-profile challenges to executive pay packages, in protest at boardroom salaries rising when share prices were declining. Cable now wants to empower workers as a well as shareholders.”
In case you were wondering… ‘Lavish CEO Pay Has Virtually Nothing To Do With How Well A Company Performs’ http://ow.ly/zwGjJ
And it’s not being redistributed… “By packaging British citizens up and selling them, sector by sector, to investors, the government makes it possible to keep traditional taxes low or even cut them. By moving from a system where public services are supported by progressive general taxation to a system where they are supported exclusively by the flat fees people pay to use them, they move from a system where the rich are obliged to help the poor to a system where the less well-off enable services that the rich get for what is, to them, a trifling sum.”