“Housing, like these other things, is a basic human right, not a privilege. This is why we are demanding social housing, not social cleansing. In addition, rent caps to limit out-of-control rents, mansion taxes and higher stamp duty for the wealthiest would be simple reforms that have a dramatic impact on housing. Simply taking action to restrict the privileges of the 1% could result in a relatively fairer housing situation in London.” – Jasmin Stone wants justice after being evicted by the 1%
“Social psychologists from Berkeley and Amsterdam have studied strangers in situations where one told the other of a difficult personal experience, such as a death in the family. The larger the social gap, the less compassion was shown. Such behaviour, and the acceptance of it as normal, becomes much more prevalent in those places where the 1% have taken the most.” – Danny Dorling on how the 1% may have difficulty caring
Sheffield Equality Group monthly meeting
Wednesday 1st October, 7pm-9pm, Quaker Meeting House
Chat and discussion of campaigns around poverty and inequality. And tea. All welcome.
Fairness on the 83
Last chance to see! On every day till Sunday 28 September, 10.30-5pm,
Castle House, Angel St (former Co-op store)
Air Quality and Health in Sheffield
Friday 17 October, 9:30am to 12:30pm
Speakers include Dr Ian Mudway from Kings College London, Alan Andrews from Client Earth, and Councillor Jack Scott from Sheffield City Council. The conference will be chaired by Jack Peace, editor of the Air Quality Bulletin.
No More Austerity
Saturday 18th October 2014, London
TUC demonstration demanding an alternative to cuts, privatisation and falling living standards. Coaches going from Sheffield: £10 waged, £5 unwaged, Free for Unite Community members
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