How do we argue for a better society
Wednesday 5th November, 7pm-9pm, Quaker Meeting House
Sheffield Equality Group hosts a discussion on how we can argue for more economic equality. Is it just facts, facts, facts – or stories – or questions? Is it saying the rich are evil, or that it benefits all of us? Come along to this informal workshop. Free, all welcome.
Poverty in Sheffield Today – Finding a way forward
Saturday 29th November. 10am – 12.30pm. Victoria Hall Methodist Church, Norfolk Street, Sheffield.
Chaired by the Bishop of Sheffield the meeting will include presentations on LISTEN UP interviews with people in poverty, impact of benefit sanctions, food banks, and the Sheffield Fairness Commission. There will be opportunity to contribute for those attending, as well as a range of stalls from interested organisations. Doors open 9:30am, free. All welcome.
One Million Climate Jobs – The alternative to austerity
Tuesday 21st October, 7pm-9pm, Quaker Meeting House
Speakers will introduce the proposal to invest in jobs to save the planet, how it could tackle austerity, and how to make it a reality.
How to Change Minds
Tuesday 28th October, 7pm-9pm, Showroom Cinema (£7.50, £6 cons)
Is it true that “you can’t tell anybody anything”? From pub arguments to ideology-driven party political disputes, Dr Tom Stafford has investigated the psychological science of persuasion by rational argument.
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Squeezed onto the breadline
“Millions of British workers are being paid too little to live on – and some are on such low wages they can’t afford to eat properly. Reporter Richard Bilton meetsworkers on the breadline who only get by because of big handouts from the government. These benefits for the low paid are now costing taxpayers £28 billion a year, so why do so many British workers find it impossible to pay their own way?” … Panorama sets out the grim reality for those on low incomes
The TUC reports that there has been an 8% fall in living standards since the credit crunch, which is pretty much unprecedented, whilst Frank Field asks political parties ” what is your manifesto going to say to reverse the horrendous rise in the numbers of poor?”
“Most people think our living standards in the UK are similar to economies like France and Germany, but being poor in the UK is more like being poor in the former Soviet Bloc than in Western Europe.” – the High Pay Centre sets out the problem, but also supplies a solution…