The DWP are suggesting that sickness and disability benefit (ESA) could be cut to the levels of jobseekers allowance. This is despite the essential role that the extra support provides for those suffering serious health problems. A petition to oppose the change is up. An Equality Group member is proposing a protest in Sheffield – get in touch if you’re interested.
How do we argue for a better society?
Wednesday 5th November, 7pm-9pm, Quaker Meeting House
Sheffield Equality Group hosts a discussion on how we can argue for more economic equality. Is it facts, facts, facts – or stories – or questions? Is it saying the rich are evil, or that it benefits all of us? Come along to this informal workshop. Free, all welcome.
Poverty in Sheffield Today – Finding a way forward
Saturday 29th November. 10am – 12.30pm. Victoria Hall Methodist Church, Norfolk Street, Sheffield.
The meeting will include presentations on LISTEN UP interviews with people in poverty, impact of benefit sanctions, food banks, and the Sheffield Fairness Commission. There will be opportunity to contribute for those attending, as well as a range of stalls from interested organisations. Doors open 9:30am, free. All welcome.
United We Stand
Wednesday 19th to Saturday 22nd November, 7.30pm Lantern Theatre, Kenwood Park Rd. S7 1NF
A powerful new play by Neil Gore, based on a true story. Building workers faced dangerous conditions and poverty while companies were making millions. The industry’s all-out strike was to seek better pay by using the controversial tactic of ‘Flying Pickets’. It was a success, but then 24 builders were prosecuted, including Ricky Tomlinson, who is still seeking to overturn the convictions.
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“In 2013, 432 companies were accredited by the Living Wage Foundation, a part of the community organisation Citizens UK. That figure has now more than doubled, as hundreds of other organisations, charities and businesses have signed up.” – the guardian reports on the rise and rise of the Living Wage