‘The scientists are saying – just go and eat another banana or cabbage and you’ll be alright. They are loading everything onto the isolated individual. Such reports – and there are many – keep us locked inside the anxieties of the “risk society”. While the truth is that you might have a better chance of living longer if you banded together and used that collective power to change society. It would also be a lot more fun than laboriously counting vegetables.’ – Film-maker Adam Curtis on how some scientists miss the point
“through the period of austerity … It is clear that the changes did not lead to uniform changes in people’s incomes. The reforms had the effect of making an income transfer from the poorer half of households (and some of the very richest) to most of the richer half, with no net effect on the public finances.” – other scientists get the point across rather well

Poverty in Sheffield Today – Finding a way forward
Saturday 29th November. 10am – 12.30pm. Victoria Hall Methodist Church, Norfolk Street, Sheffield.
The meeting will include presentations on LISTEN UP interviews with people in poverty, impact of benefit sanctions, food banks, and the Sheffield Fairness Commission. There will be opportunity to contribute for those attending, as well as a range of stalls from interested organisations. Doors open 9:30am, free. All welcome.
Sheffield Equality Group monthly meeting
Wednesday 3rd December, 7pm-9pm, Quaker Meeting House
Sheffield Equality Group chat about income inequality and actions to reduce it. Free, donations for tea and biscuits, all welcome.
“Community Currencies” – is it time for a Sheffield pound?
Monday November 24th, 7:15pm, Quaker Meeting House
A local currency encourages the localisation of spending (which strengthens the local economy), promotes civic pride, and builds community spirit. Is it time for a Sheffield Pound? Talk and discussion led by Dr Jonathan Warner, professor and tutor in Economics at Quest University Canada. Hosted by Postive Money Sheffield
Equality and Sustainability: a society better for us and the planet
Wedneday 10th December, 7.00pm, Central United Reform Church, Norfolk St, Sheffield
Richard Wilkinson (co-author of ‘The Spirit Level’) will be speaking on how income equality and sustainability can work together for a better society – see equalitytrust.org.uk. Followed by Green Party AGM.
Interested in what’s on? Go to: http://alt-sheff.org/
How rich!?!
“‘How Rich Are You?’, a show and interactive site about inequality on Channel 4 http://www.channel4.com/programmes/how-rich-are-you