Fools paradise? How tax dodging harms us all
7pm – 9pm, Wednesday 1st April, Quaker Meeting House
Informal talk around the impact tax dodging by individuals and companies has on our society. There will then be a discussion on the taxes we all pay, redistribution, and how we might like to do tax in the future. Hosted by Sheffield Equality Group. All welcome, free, donations for tea and biscuits.
Love Tax
2pm, Saturdays 4th April, 18th April, 2nd May, Fargate
Protest tax dodging, sing songs, get informed about who is doing it, talk about how taxes can make for a more equal society…

…don’t think of money

Don’t think in dollars… ‘even just thinking about money invokes a “self-sufficient mindset” reflecting the fact money is all about transactions with strangers and calculating your best interest. You don’t typically use money with your nearest and dearest. As a result money can make us more determined and focused but it also makes us less sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.’
…you might even start to think you’re worth it… ‘The report concludes that the contribution made by leading individuals to the fortunes of huge companies is difficult to judge. Claims that the UK’s executive leaders possess unique and irreplaceable talents – thereby justifying the huge pay packages designed to retain their services – are highly spurious, and made with little supporting evidence.’ (High Pay Comission)
…meanwhile… ‘The declining financial health of younger workers and people on low incomes limited the economy’s ability to rely for growth on consumer spending among all income levels … these groups are ill-prepared for future financial shocks or rises in interest rates’ (the Independent)