“So here’s a suggestion for the politicians. Next time you put on a hi-vis vest, keep it on when you leave the factory. Take your tie off – and now try walking into a bank, or flagging down a taxi, or having an argument with somebody in authority. Or try all this in the apron of a hairdresser, or the T-shirt of a barista, or the overalls of a hand car-wash operative. … Finally, go to an ATM and withdraw the trifling amount of £48.75. That’s what Maid in London earns for cleaning 17 hotel rooms in a day. Now imagine doing this forever.”

“Researcher Brené Brown describes one aspect of these cycles in two core thoughts: what’s wrong with me? And who’s to blame? We quickly move to pass our shame onto other people: we criticise, we’re cynical, and we’re violent in our words and actions. If I’m not worthy, then you definitely aren’t. The oppressed become the oppressors.”

“Food parcel distribution is higher in areas where food banks are more common and better established, but our data also show that the local authorities with greater rates of sanctions and austerity are experiencing greater rates of people seeking emergency food assistance.”

Common People: Public Services, Spaces & Progress

6pm Wednesday 15 April, Union St

In a country with one of the largest populations of billionaires alongside the growing need for food banks, the question of how we reclaim public spaces and services remains open. In this panel session the speakers reflect on this context and offer ideas for ways forward to promote greater equality and social inclusion. This will be followed by an open discussion with the involvement of the audience. All welcome.

Shop a Tax Dodger!
2pm, Saturday 18th April, meeting outside Marks and Spencers, Fargate

Protest tax dodging, get informed about who is doing it, talk about how taxes can make for a more equal society. All that and songs!

Hungry for Justice! Demand a £10 minimum wage


12-pm to 1:30pm on Fargate, Saturday 18th April.
Huge tent on Fargate and leafleting members of the public and workers at exploitative employers.
2pm to 4pm, Central United Reformed Church
Public meeting with high profile speakers from the BFAWU the GMB will speak at this event alongside local activists