“Richest 1,000’sincrease in wealth could pay a year’s rent for over 2.5 million households” – The Equality Trust suggests some wealth redistribution.
Forthcoming events
Love Tax – The Return
Saturday 2nd May, 2pm to 4pm, outside Topshop on Fargate
We return to Fargate for the last in our series of protests in the run up to the election, as we lobby parties to introduce a tax dodging bill and close tax loopholes.
Elections for a fairer society?
Wednesday 6th May, 7pm to 9pm, Quaker Meeting House
Which grand coalition might be running the country after 7th May? What one policy would be best for reducing income inequality? Does it matter who runs things anyway? Informal discussion, with tea and biscuits. All welcome.
Banks, debt and inequality
Wednesday 29th April, Quaker Meeting House, at 7:30pm
Peter Verity illustrates how the nation has surrendered its sovereign right to create money to private banks, and how this leads to high levels of private debt, and a transfer of money from the poor to the rich.
(This is a repeat of a talk given as part of the Festival of Debate on 22nd April, which was sold out)
Sheffield Food Collective presents…
Diane Cluck, with support from Little Robots
Saturday 2nd May 2015, 7:30pm to 10pm, Upper Chapel, Norfolk Street
Diane Cluck, Virginia-based singer-songwriter who is a “brilliant idiosyncratic guitarist, a witty and wise lyricist, an imaginative melody writer with a powerful voice” plays the beautiful Upper Chapel. All proceeds going to running projects at Sheffield food banks.
The General (and Council) Election
7th May, at a polling station near you.
Give some encouragement to those who won’t win, or decide who might win, and elect a fairer country. Go on, it might make a difference 🙂