From the result of the election, it seems many people think that austerity and inequality are good for our economy. But there is an argument that the divide between rich and poor harms our society, our potential, and all else that we do.
“Austerity policies have damaging psychological costs. Mental health problems are being created in the present, and further problems are being stored for the future.” – Psychologists Against Austerity set out the mental damage done by policies of austerity (PDF)
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Austerity and the rise of food banks – “our data also show that the local authorities with greater rates of sanctions and austerity are experiencing greater rates of people seeking emergency food assistance” – paper in the British Medical Journal, including audio summary of the paper
March to End Austerity. 20th June in London. Coaches are going from Sheffield. If you can’t go, please think about donating a ticket for someone who would struggle to afford it.
The Divide
17.15pm Sunday June 7th. 10am Wednesday June 10th. Sheffield Showroom
Alden is a workaholic Wall Street psychologist, while Rochelle struggles as a carer on a zero hours contract and Keith tries to make sense of his life behind bars, as a result of Clinton’s “three strikes and you’re out” policy. Through their stories, and four others, Katharine Round humanises the bleak fact that growing inequality is driving a terrible wedge through modern society. The world premiere of the Spirit Level documentary.
Sheffield Equality Group monthly meeting

Wednesday 3rd June, 7pm-9pm at Sheffield Quaker Meeting House
Sheffield Equality Group chat about income inequality and actions to reduce it. Talking about stalls at festivals, plays on Fargate, talking to Totley. All ideas welcome. Free, donations for tea and biscuits.
Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair
Saturday 16th May, 10am to 6pm, Sheffield Showroom
Free event organised by local activists and volunteers, which brings together over 50 radical booksellers, distributors, independent presses, and political groups from around the country. It features books, pamphlets, zines, films, speakers, panels and workshops, and is followed by an evening social. Also check out ongoing events leading up to the weekend.