“You apply for three jobs one week and three jobs the following Sunday and Monday. Because the jobcentre week starts on a Tuesday it treats this as applying for six jobs in one week and none the following week. You are sanctioned for 13 weeks for failing to apply for three jobs each week.”
The sanctions programme goes for the award of most Kafkaesque government policy – http://bit.ly/1BeB33Y (the Guardian)
“I am not sleeping because of all the worry and even things like money is getting on top of me, I got £200 wages last month to try and live off because of all these problems and the Jobcentre expect me to spend some of that money on day savers to get to and from the Jobcentre whenever they see fit… I really do feel like nobody knows what is going on and nobody actually cares.”
“We spoke to the Macmillan people who advised us we should be able to claim about £50 a week … However, the reality was very different – by the time the claim was finally sorted, we’d had eviction notices, and the amount they agreed we were entitled to was a total of just £7 a week … Neither of us were particularly well at the time but the council’s attitude stinks, in fact the whole system stinks. I’m not a great example of someone working the system – I think I’m quite clever but it foxed me, I don’t know how anyone manages it.”
Or perhaps it’s the whole welfare system going for the Kafka award… church action on poverty releases a new report calling for action to close the safety net. They also have a campaign emailing MPs on the findings
If this is a stressful and punishing process, you’d expect it to have an impact on health and wellbeing. A comparison could be done to investigate what impact sanctions and cuts were having. Well, it could be done if the Government released the figures…(Change.Org)
Sheffield Care Matters
Open meeting discussing the care situation in Sheffield coming up next week, organised by a new group “Sheffield Care Matters”. If you’re involved with, rely on, or interested in social care services in Sheffield then please come along
The solution? Give all your money to millionaires!
A funny song about tax evasion and welfare by Phat Bollard (WARNING: contains swearing. May be offensive to millionaires)