The IMF says “In advanced economies, policies should focus on reforms to increase human capital and skills, coupled with making tax systems more progressive.” (PDF IMF) …
An economist argues for “a newly progressive income tax, rising in steps to a top rate of 65% … this may sound like impossiblist stuff, but Atkinson demonstrates that the constraints are purely political, not economic.” (The Guardian)
Constraints are also social, as “[t]hose experiencing poverty show significantly lower levels of confidence in their own ability to succeed. This has negative physical and psychological health consequences, along with reduced educational and professional attainment.” (Joseph Rowntree Foundation)
And when that comes to raising kids, that lack of confidence carries on for generations, as  “children from less advantaged family backgrounds who were high attaining in early cognitive skill assessments are found to be less able or at least less successful at converting this early high potential into career success … A society in which the success or failure of children with equal ability rests on the social and economic status of their parents is not a fair one. Not only is it unfair but it is a waste of the talents of those from less advantaged backgrounds; damaging for the individuals, the economy and society.” (pdf,
Equality in the Pub
7pm, Wednesday 5th August, Rutland Arms, Sheffield
We’re having another summer Equality in the Pub meet, this time at the Rutland Arms. A chance to have a meet, chat about inequality, politics, and owt else 🙂 All welcome. If it’s warm, we might be in the beer garden.
This is a song about equality
This is a song about equality,
If you are never givin the chance,
Then you are never able to show you can succeed
(Anti-Flag, the video is a tad amateur, but the song is quality)