We’re carrying on inspiring conversations at our next meeting, 7pm Wednesday 18th November at Sheffield Quaker Meeting House. You are most welcome to come along and share ideas, take part, and change the world for the better, even if just a little bit. (Facebook event page)
You can watch a video with ideas and reflections from our screening of the Spirit of ’45 here:
Hope and taxes
Mrs Carthew said the traders had a “very good meeting” with HMRC when they submitted their offshore tax plan for approval. “It’s a threat to the Government because if they don’t act this could be rolled out to every town. Everything we have proposed is legal.” – the town that moved offshore to expose tax loopholes (Independent)…
“If you are reading this in the Beehive on West Street or the Graduate on Surrey Street, you are in a building owned in the Cayman Islands. If you work in the Hallamshire Business Park off Ecclesall Road, the ground under your feet is owned in Luxembourg. If you shop in M&S, Boots, Starbucks or Topshop, your pennies will be spirited away into tax havens across the world.” – on why we should share what we have for a better future (Now Then)
Waste not
In a consumer society we don’t realise how much is being wasted (BBC iPlayer)… there’s now a national campaign you can join (Waste Not UK)… which has already persuaded one supermarket to change (Telegraph)… and donate food to places like the Real Junk Food Project (RJFP Sheffield).
Spending Review Rally
Wednesday 25 November, 5pm outside Sheffield Town Hall
Will the Autumn spending review witness a change in politics as wealth is distributed more equally and universal services to those most in need protected? Or will it be another swathe of cuts to local government that will risk care and support? Rally outside Sheffield Town Hall organised by South Yorkshire People’s Assembly
People’s March for Climate, Justice, and Jobs
Saturday 29th November
Ahead of the climate talks in Paris, a global march to demonstrate the need for action on climate change.
“Local Public Banking” – with Positive Money
Monday 30 November, 7.30pm, Quaker Meeting House, 10 St James St. S1 2EW
Public banking is 40% of banking in Germany and 25% of banking worldwide, but is rarely discussed in the UK. In Germany, this has resulted in a very vibrant small and medium business sector. With no speculation in the financial markets, local banks did not suffer from the crash of 2008 and helped keep businesses going.
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