People who are disabled were already coping with large losses of support under austerity before the latest cuts to support. People with the severest disabilities (2% of the population) were already bearing around 15% of cuts
(Centre for Welfare Reform). Austerity is disabling us.
“The phantom benefit cheat is the perfect patsy for austerity. If there are hordes of disabled, mentally ill, or unemployed people who are draining the public purse, there is justification for sweeping cuts to social security. It doesn’t actually matter if this horde is lying to claim benefits or not” – Frances Ryan on how the shrinking of the welfare state is being spun (Guardian)
Swiftly passing the threshold for debate by parliament, a petition asking Government to reverse the cuts to disability support
The Peckham Experiment
Wednesday 6th April, 7pm-9pm at Sheffield Quaker Meeting House
Between 1926 and 1950 the Peckham Experiment was a pioneering medical initiative that stimulated a revolution in the ideas of community health. A community health centre was opened where residentscould organise sporting, social and cultural activities. It had the aim of promoting the health of individuals, families, and the community together. Talk by former GP Jack Czauderna, followed by discussion. Hosted by Sheffield Equality Group.
The Divide Documentary
Wednesday 4th May 7pm-9pm, Sheffield Quaker Meeting House
Documentary inspired by the critically-acclaimed, bestselling book “The Spirit Level” by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett.
What happens when the rich get richer?
Wednesday 18th May 7pm-9pm, Sheffield Quaker Meeting House
Discussing the impact of income inequality and the campaigns trying to tackle it. Hosted by Sheffield Equality Group, all welcome.
Banking on Land Vs. Prosperity
Monday 21st March, 7:30-9pm, Sheffield Quaker Meeting House
Exploring a remedy to systemic prosperity problems through film animations and a new game, this workshop will give you a helpful grounding in all things Land Value Tax and explore its helpful banking system with positive prosperity cycles.
Part of the Festival of Debate
“Principle 5” general meeting
Tuesday 22nd March, 7pm, The Harlequin, 108 Nursery St. S3 8GG
The general meeting of “Principle 5” the Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre which provides study sessions, education and training on the development of co-operatives. Newcomers and volunteers most welcome.
Achieving Our Potential
We’re all in this together – aren’t we? Excellent film from DPAC on the loss of the Independent Living Fund.