Between 1926 and 1950 the Peckham Experiment was a pioneering medical initiative that stimulated a revolution in the ideas of community health. A community health centre was opened where residents could organise sporting, social and cultural activities. It had the aim of promoting the health of individuals, families, and the community together.
On Wednesday 6th April, 7pm-9pm at Sheffield Quaker Meeting House, there will be a talk by former GP Jack Czauderna – member of the Pioneer Health Foundation – on the Peckham Experiment, followed by discussion. Hosted by Sheffield Equality Group. All welcome.
For more information on the Peckham Experiment, see The Pioneer Health Foundation – “A recent meeting of those whose lives have been influenced by Peckham showed that its legacy is alive and that the belief in human potential, humane systems and human scale development has a powerful resonance today.”
Home from Home
“The number of people sleeping rough in England on any one night has doubled since 2010 and increased by 30% in the last year, with an estimated 3,569 people now sleeping on the streets across England, according to new government figures.” – Guardian report on rise in homelessness
“In the bins you can hide so nobody can see you. It’s kind of warm, nobody knows you are there,” George explains on the streets of Bristol. He has been homeless since he lost his engineering job before Christmas, leaving him unable to pay the rent. (BBC)
In this special edition of Exploitation, Exploitation, Exploitation, presenters Christie and Will get their hands dirty as they take would-be tenants Gilly and Steve on a search for their dream home – or at least, an apartment where they don’t suspect a murder has taken place (Guardian)