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Stories from the margins

“He was working nights, all hours. But they stopped his housing benefit,” Hughes says. “He’s lost his home. We gave him a coat in the end. I’ve never seen a man more broken.”
Campaigners talk of providing support outside a jobcentre
I speak to Angela again over a week after she’s started work and she’s noticeably worried. Within days of taking the job, she tells me her carer’s allowance and income support were stopped. At the same time, the family’s housing benefit and council tax support have been suspended (now she’s working, the council need to re-assess their income).
The story of a carer pushed towards poverty and work
“Society doesn’t make it easy,” he says. “They’re stopping this; they’re stopping that. It’s hard for people now.” The food bank, he tells me, is a symbol: “I can survive.”
A former food-bank user and food-bank volunteer speaks about his experience
A Nation Divided
“On Tuesday I was in Northampton’s market square, and finding leave voters was a cinch. One or two, just to make this clear, were plain racist, but the majority were not: they talked about immigration, but in the context of jobs, housing and all the rest. An hour later I was on a London tube train sprinkled with successful-looking professionals, a few of whom had ‘Stronger in’ stickers on their Herschel rucksacks and laptop bags.” – Jonathon Harris writes in the Guardian on the social divide between leavers and remainers
Income inequality, health, and voices from the margins
Wednesday 6th July, 7pm-9pm, Quaker Meeting House, St. James’ Street, S1 2EW.
Politics is in turmoil and everyday life has been affected for many. That a majority voted leave partly reflects the inequalities in wealth, housing and opportunity that causes pain and resentment in many communities. The current turmoil makes clear the need to have a wider discussion about what we value in our society.
We’ll inevitably cover the EU referendum at our next meeting (7 to 9pm, Wednesday 6th July, Quaker Meeting House), but our work to raise the issue of income inequality continues. We’ll be talking around increasing the focus on the health impacts of income inequality, with potential events later in the year. We’ll also be discussing ideas around raising the voices of those most impacted and most in need of support – some of their stories are below. If you’re interested, you are most welcome to come along.
Discussing the impact of income inequality with regard to health, and ways to raise the voices of those most affected by income inequality. Some discussion on the EU referendum inevitable! Hosted by Sheffield Equality Group, all welcome. Free, donations for tea and biscuits.
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