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Reassessing the assessors

“The 600 workers were yelled at ‘every day’ by clients, he said, with ‘people crying down the phone to you that they’re down to their last bag of wipes, have no food in the fridge to feed their kids'” – Concentrix have another seven months of tax credit cuts to deliver… (BBC)
“Ask most politicians, and they would assert that children and disabled people are two categories of citizens Britain cares about. In reality, families such as Rhiannon and her dad are not only being neglected by government policy but practically pushed over the edge.” Life as a child carer in an age of austerity (The Guardian)
“From April 2017, payments will fall to £73 for new claimants in the ‘work-related activity’ category as ministers argue that too few people in the category are moving into work.” – reassessments for the chronically ill stop, but the system ploughs on (BBC)
Opening on 21st October, including at the Sheffield Showroom. (The Showroom)
Are billionaires worth it? On rent-seeking, merit and luck.
Wednesday 5th October, 7pm-9pm, Quaker Meeting House, St. James’ Street, S1 2EW.
Discussing the arguments that the rich benefit because of their talent, informed by a new study of how the super-rich get to be rich. This research finds that nearly two-thirds of the wealth of the richest people in the world comes from “cronyism, inheritance, and monopoly”. But is the other one-third deserved? Hosted by Sheffield Equality Group, all welcome. Free, donations for tea and biscuits.
See this article for more information on the research
Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise!
Friday 14th October, 7pm-9pm, Central United Reformed Church, Norfolk Street, Sheffield
Sheffield Trade Union Council is launching a campaign for a living wage for everyone, and decent work for everywhere, in Sheffield. Bringing the trade union movement to the lowest paid, those on casual or zero hours contracts, and organising people throughout the city, as part of a campaign making the case for trade unionism to many un-unionised workers. Organisers and activists are invited to come along to share their success stories, bringing people together for a general campaign for better pay, conditions and trade union organisation! Speakers are from several unions, and the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP. Go to EventBrite to book a free place
“It’s The Economy Stupid” – A Day of Economic Thought & Discussion
Sunday 16th October 2016, 12-5.30pm Philadelphian WMC, 2-4 Martin St. Walkley S6 3DW
A day school discussing economic questions such as: What is Neo-Liberalism? Is there such a thing as Corbynomics? Free Trade – Freedom, or race to the bottom? Everything you wanted to know about economics, but were frightened to ask – panel discussion.Tickets: £5, to book email or pay on the day. Organised by the Independent Working Class Education Network
Letters to a millionaire
“Every billionaire’s wealth today depends on having access to a large population that’s linked through a globalized economy … This growth happens independently from any one individual’s effort and talent, so we can’t say that billionaires deserve the profits that go hand in hand with economic growth.” In summary, they really aren’t worth it… (
…not that the message seems to be getting through;”total bonus payouts in the year to the end of March rose 4.4% to £44.3bn, according to Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures – with the biggest cash payments still going to the financial services sector.” (The Guardian)