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How to help someone back on course

Benefit Sanctions don’t seem to be the way… “While studies suggest sanctions do encourage some people back into work, other people stop claiming but do not start working and the Department for Work and Pensions has no record of them. If vulnerable people fall through the safety net, what happens to them?” (The Guardian)
We can’t rely on the Government of the day… “Significantly, given the government’s focus on ‘just about managing’ families, the data shows that lower income families will be worse off. The Foundation said the poorest 10% would see an income hit of more than 3% by 2020 as a result of tax and welfare policies.” (BBC)
“Anyone can suffer misfortune, anyone can lose their way. Cuts to services and benefits make it hard to get back. This Christmas, please help someone find their place again” – a Christmas ad for equality!
The Birmingham Health Charter – what is it and where next?
Wednesday 7th December, 7pm-9pm, Quaker Meeting House, St. James’ Street, S1 2EW
Feedback from the national Birmingham conference for the creation of a new charter for health (see below) and discussion of next steps and links in Sheffield. Hosted by Sheffield Equality Group, in association with the University of Sheffield Health Equity and Inclusion Research Group. All welcome. Free, donations for tea and biscuits.
A Day for Life
Sunday 4th December, 11am-3pm. FitStop, Unit 8, Farfield Industrial Estate, Hillfoot Road, S3 8AA
Family day in aid of LIFE (a new beginning), aiming to bring Sheffield together and raising awareness and supplies for the people in Sheffield who need it most
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Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise – Fight for £10
Saturday 17th December, 1pm-4pm, Devonshire Green
March and rally – Sheff4Ten has several events in the run up to build support. Organised with various trade unions & community groups representing many workers across the city, to fight for a real living wage for all, of £10 an hour, and for a proper pay rise regardless of age
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How to help a society back on course
Workers on boards or shareholder revolts? 13 ideas for holding bosses to account (New Statesman)
“What is very obvious is that the wealthy are now by far the biggest recipients of state benefits and it is they, and they alone, who must face cuts as a result.” – Richard Murphy sets out his budget… (Tax Research UK)
“We all want to build a better life and better opportunities for our children. When the social security system works well, it supports these goals” – an argument for the reform of Universal Credit… (Open Democracy)