Sheffield Equality Group

Making Sheffield Fairer

Over the next 12 months OPUS Independents are refocusing the Our Fair City campaign on ‘Making Sheffield Fairer’. Concentrating on 4 areas – Fairer Food, Fairer Money, Fairer Work and Fairer Futures – they will be supporting, working with and connecting up the initiatives, organisations and projects already doing great work in these areas. They are looking to help make as many positive changes as possible that will add up to making a real difference in communities and neighbourhoods across Sheffield.
Please visit to join and become a Fairer Sheffield Champion. It only takes 30 seconds.
Caught in History
“A great transformation had taken place and it had begun before Paul was even born. Rents had been regulated since 1915 and so the takings of landlords fell throughout the 1920s and 1930s. Slums were cleared to the ground and new social housing, and housing with mortgages was built.” – excellent history of inequality and housing by Danny Dorling on the Taxpayers Against Poverty site
“We are a country with delusions of grandeur, we spend like we’re in the Premiership, while we slip deeper into debt and gross inequality.” – Simon Duffy on the myth that the UK is rich