This April / May is the Festival of Debate 2017 (, a marvellous Sheffield-wide festival of talks and workshops . It would be great for Sheffield Equality Group to host a meeting as part of the festival, but we need your help.
The meetings below are just ideas but we need to pick one and make it work: which would you be interested in? which would you help make happen? who should speak / present?
Meeting A – The impact of a divided Sheffield: Sheffield is a divided city, with areas on one side amongst the wealthiest in the nation and areas on the other side amongst the most deprived. This meeting would explore the impact of that division upon all the people of Sheffield, from house prices to health.
Meeting B – Crowdsourcing a better Sheffield: It’s easier than ever for people to put together their money and make a difference. This meeting would present ideas on how this could be done in Sheffield to tackle income inequalities, and invite the audience to generate another.
Meeting C – Basic Income for Sheffield? The Basic Income is an idea to create economic justice by giving every person an equal income, on top of which they can earn more. Trials overseas have been successful, but there are concerns many other policies would be needed to make it work. This meeting would explore if it work here, and how?
So – three meetings – but we can probably only run one. If you have feedback or would like to help, email We need to decide by the end of this month. It doesn’t happen without you!