Sheffield Equality Group

The State of Sheffield

The State of Sheffield 2017 report has been launched by the Sheffield City Partnership Board. It underlines the strength of the city to cope with hard times, but also the gulf between the lives of Sheffield citizens.
“The objectives will be to maximise talent, identify obstacles to fairness and justice, and ensure we build a prosperous city that benefits the whole of the citizenry.” – David Blunkett aiming high in the State of Sheffield report
“This year’s State of Sheffield report, launched on Tuesday, highlighted the growing ‘social and economic injustices’ in the city. It said the number of children living in poverty … was up from 22.7 per cent the year before, and the report suggested the figure was only getting worse.” – Sheffield Star notes the challenge ahead
“The big question is how do we stop it? Think part of the problem is that Council still thinks Top down instead of Bottom up. Dispensing from on high without involving the people you are dispensing it to only serves to heighten their sense of dis-empowerment. Oxfam has done some great work in areas of high deprivation in Wales and Glasgow. It started with self assertion classes and later led to small businesses starting up. Lets bring some light and colour into areas too with whatever funding we can grab from Culture and Arts. Apprenticeship schemes, IT education. Whatever the Community wants to feel alive again in these black times.” – Joy B on the need for ground-up control as well as grand solutions.
Sheffield Equality Group monthly meet
Wednesday 1st March, 7pm-9pm, Quaker Meeting House, St. James’ St, S1 2EW
As part of the forthcoming Festival of Debate, we’re looking forward to help conversations flow between different parts of the city. Come along to our next meeting or get in touch to find our more. Planning for the Festival of Debate postcard project and meeting on the Basic Income – plus the usual chat around inequality. Hosted by Sheffield Equality Group. All welcome. Free, donations for tea and biscuits.
National Demonstration for the NHS
Saturday 4th March, 12pm Tavistock Square, London
One of the strongest mechanisms acting towards equality is services available to all. Burdened with marketisation, privatisation, and cuts to social care, the NHS is under grave threat. Details on the demo and how to go from Sheffield is below. We urge all those who can to support the national Health Campaigns Together demonstration in London on 4rd March. There will be a rally outside Virgin Care before a march to parliament. If you need transport, coach tickets from Sheffield are available.
For more on the demonstration, see and
A Universal Basic Income
There are more and more people arguing that a Basic Income could work (Citizen’s Income and Compass Online)
It’s being trialled in more places ( Infographic)
But how would it work in Sheffield? We’re looking to stimulate debate around the welfare state and form a Sheffield version of the Basic Income, with a view to pushing for a pilot project in the city. We are forming a small group to push this forward, firstly with a public meeting and workshop as part of the Festival of Debate in May/June. Get in touch, or come along to the next meeting, if you are interested.