Sheffield Equality Group

Paying the Rent

“That the Sun King Louis XIV was able to exploit millions was purely because he had the biggest army in Europe. It’s no different for the modern rentier. He’s got the law, politicians and journalists squarely in his court.” – excellent article on the extraction of wealth from those who do valuable work to those who do not (The Guardian)
Children’s Society finds some children in poverty having to move house 9 times in 9yrs, rat-infested homes. Why do we accept this for some kids? This is what inequality looks like (The Mirror)
That’s ok though, because standards are being slipped… “Hundreds of tiny studio flats, many smaller than a budget hotel room, are to be squeezed into an eleven-storey block in north London as its developer takes advantage of the government’s relaxation of planning regulations.” (The Guardian)
Sheffield Equality Group monthly meet
Wednesday 5th April 7pm-9pm, Quaker Meeting House, St. James’ St, S1 2EW
Planning for the Festival of Debate postcard project, a meeting on the Basic Income, maybe a game – plus the usual chat around inequality. Hosted by Sheffield Equality Group. All welcome. Free, donations for tea and biscuits.
Why Sheffield Needs a Radical Bookshop
Thursday 20th April, 7pm, Theatre Deli, 17 The Moor S1 4PF
If you’re interested in feminism, anarchism, Marx, anti-racist struggles or LGBT rights, join Jepp’s Books, Sheffield’s new radical book emporium, for an evening of music, poetry, ranting and drinks. Jepp’s Books will be based in Theatre Deli until June and is open Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 4pm.
Not paying the rent…
“While tax havens account for 26 percent of the total pro fits made by the top 20 EU banks, these countries account for only 12 percent of the banks’ total turnover and 7 percent of their employees, signalling a clear discrepancy between the pro fits made by banks in tax havens and the level of real economic activity that they undertake in those countries.” – Oxfam does some excellent digging under new transparency rules and finds that banks are using tax havens to avoid billions in taxation. Not exactly surprising, but if you want your prejudices confirmed