“The UK has one of the highest levels of income inequality in the developed world, and evidence shows that this harms our physical and mental health, hinders our education, damages our economy, restricts social mobility, reduces levels of trust and civic participation, and weakens the social ties that bind us.”
Read the rest of the manifesto and follow up the campaign on the Equality Trust site
p.s. you only have until the 22nd May to register to vote!
A fairer society starts here…
The Tax Dodgers Tour of Fargate
1pm, Saturday 20th May, meet at the Cathedral forecourt, free
Want to find out how to dodge tax like the professionals? Come on down to the Dodge & Co Tax Tour on Fargate this Saturday from 1pm – gathering on the Cathedral forecourt.
“Garners laughter and despair in equal measure”
“Reminds me of Sheffield Uncut”
“Very eye opening. Lots of jokes”
Festival of Debate Question Time
Exhibition at Theatre Delicatessen to 20th June
Festival of Debate Question Time is a postcard and online project taking place as part of the Festival of Debate. The project aims to gather answers to four questions from across the city, as well as at Festival of Debate events. You can fill out cards at Theatre Delicatessen or go to our Facebook page and post a response – written, drawn, videoed, or audio!…
Festival of Debate: Universal Basic Income: The Sheffield Model
Thursday, 1 June 7pm to 9pm, Quaker Meeting House, 10 St James’ St, Sheffield.
A Universal Basic Income raises questions about the value of the work we do and what motivates people to work. A proposal has been drafted that sets out options for a Sheffield Basic Income and ways that we can get there. The meeting will take this proposal forward. With Ryan Powell (University of Sheffield), Simon Duffy (Centre for Welfare Reform), Richard Crisp (Sheffield Hallam University).
The event is free, donations welcome. To reserve a place, please go to tickets for good.
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