“Today has seen coverage in various media reports of yet another study on food banks and food bank use – there’s little new here, and little that those involved haven’t been saying to Government since at least 2012 – but somehow it falls upon closed ears. Over the past few weeks our shelves at Pxi-Parson Cross Initiative Projects have been getting more and more depleted, and have required more and more topping up. We’ve spent nearly another £100 this week alone on food in addition to that donated directly. We are nearing a crisis point – what happens then I genuinely do not know.” – comment from Nick at PXI on the latest investigation into food bank use
Sheffield Equality Group monthly meeting
7pm to 9pm, Wednesday 5th June, Quaker Meeting House, St James St
Discussing the Question Time card project and other actions around inequality. All welcome. Free. Donations for tea and biscuits.
As the NHS enters its 70th year, what now?
From 6:30pm, Monday 3 July, at Central United Reform Church
On the 70th anniversary of the NHS, a post-election special preceded by birthday cake! With Sheffield Save our NHS.
Sheffield Utopia (workshop #2)
6:30pm to 8:30pm, Tuesday 11th July, Showroom Cinema
We will be developing our discussions of how utopian thinking might be useful in our personal and political lives today. (If you couldn’t make the first event, don’t worry, you’ll be welcomed at this one!). This is utopian re-framing on a very small scale. This is going to be a process, and the process has to start somewhere. Hosted by Max Munday. Please see event page for more details.
Poverty, insecurity, and the need for organisation
Did you know that the poorest 6.5 million people in the UK live on just £7.20p a day, after tax? That money has to cover everything, including housing costs
“If 30 percent of people have experienced poverty incomes in the last 4 years, many people will know someone in their workplace who has found themselves in financial difficulty relatively recently.” – insecurity in poverty and out
Excellent Radio 4 programme uncovering zero-hours exploitation and self-employed starvation wages in the UK, uncluding an eye-opening expose of the clothesmaking revival in Leicester, and how Unions could push back