“Too many corporations are competing to achieve the wrong results in the wrong way, led astray by perverse incentives that produce bad outcomes. And the excessive rewards for those at the top are a prize for the people who play this game best” – Stefan Stern on the broken culture of business (The Guardian)
One solution is to make pay more transparent and have worker representation on the boards of companies, you can sign the 38 Degrees petition.
Of course, if the Government won’t push for justice, there is another way… “Pushing back is something we all need to learn how to do. The problems me and my colleagues face on the McDonald’s counter are problems faced by a generation of workers– in food and hospitality but also in call centres, warehouses, offices, and retail stores up and down the country.” – an employee at MaccyD on striking for better conditions (iNews).
Sheffield Equality Group monthly meeting
7pm to 9pm, Wednesday 6th September, Quaker Meeting House, St James St
Discussing the Question Time card project, the inequality game, and projects for the coming year. All welcome. Free. Donations for tea and biscuits.
Worth out of work
“Minimum overheads, maximum profits – that’s what they’re going for” – the DWP continues redefining the welfare state to make people as unwell as possible (The Independent).
“This is a recipe for, at best, bureaucratic chaos and at worst, widespread economic hardship. Party politics aside, any politician worth their salt would look at the damage already being caused by universal credit’s mix of flaws and cuts and hit the pause button. Instead, the government is pressing ahead regardless.” (The Guardian)
Across the system, it’s as if whole populations of human beings are being defined as worthless… poet Agnes Torok on the worth of people