“Offering tax loopholes or financial laxity brings in, at best, exactly the wrong kind of investment – flighty, profit-shifting, wealth-extracting nonsense that hardly touches the sides – not the wealth-creating stuff Britain needs, rooted in its economy with local jobs and supply chains.” – why becoming a post-Brexit tax haven is a really bad idea…(The Guardian)
“To make any significant progress in distributing wealth in the UK more fairly we will need both pre-distributive and re-distributive measures that are radical and far reaching in scale” – on the other hand, we could become a more equal society… (The Equality Trust)
“Pay people proper wages, give them decent working conditions and housing and they will do the work. You simply can’t pay for overpriced rural housing out of a wage packet that’s kept artificially low because the middlemen pocket most of the sales price.” – which might help grow more food in our isolation. (Open Democracy)
Meeting date change
Apologies but we have had to change the date for the next Equality Group meeting. Please note that the date is now Wednesday 8th November. Usual time and place – 7pm at Quaker Meeting House. Looking forward to talking equality games, Universal Basic Income, and the coming Universal Credit.