“My parents had a strong sense that the educational system hadn’t been fair to them and they had missed out. I learned as a small child I had to work at least twice as hard as the middle class children to achieve the same result. When I did show ambition – to go to LSE to be a political researcher – I was told it wasn’t appropriate.” – Professor Diane Reay on how the education system still trains working class children for obedience and low expectations… (The Guardian)
“When Jean arrives at a house she swipes her phone to say she has arrived, and she swipes again when she leaves. She is paid for the time that is shown on the roster, rather than how long she is actually providing care. The phone tracks her movements throughout the day” – and technology ensures that obedience continues… (The Guardian)
“A great irony of British life is that lower-class people are often regarded, by their affluent superiors, as being a little coarse and unsophisticated, rough around the edges – when the true vulgarity on display is the apathy of many of those who regard themselves as educated and insightful; those who blindly believe, from the comfort of their economically gated communities, that this untenable status quo, built on sand, won’t soon collapse in on itself” – until people, one way or another, have had enough… (The Guardian)
Sheffield Equality Group monthly meeting
7pm to 9pm, Wednesday 6th December, Quaker Meeting House, St James St
Playing the inequality game, discussing Basic Income, and plans for the new year. All welcome. Donations for tea and biscuits. Mince pies free.
Zero-Waste Market
10am to 5pm, Sunday 26th November, Trafalgar Warehouse, 120 Trafalgar Street, S1 4JT
Want to learn more about living sustainably? Join us for a fun-filled day of talks, stalls, music and activities!
Sheffield Soup Lucky #13
7pm to 9:30pm, Wednesday 29th November, St Mary’s Church, Bramall Lane
Four pitches are made for local projects to do good stuff in Sheffield.
Minimum £5 donation on the door. Soup supplied by Silversmiths Restaurant. All money on the door goes to the winning pitch.
A Game of (In)Equality
“next time someone invites you to join a game of Monopoly, here’s a thought. As you set out piles for the Chance and Community Chest cards, establish a third pile for Land-Value Tax, to which every property owner must contribute each time they charge rent to a fellow player. How high should that land tax be? And how should the resulting tax receipts be distributed? Such questions will no doubt lead to fiery debate around the Monopoly board – but then that is exactly what Magie had always hoped for.” (BBC)